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Who Is Greenlight Energy?Who Is Greenlight Energy?

Greenlight Energy is a third-party ‘Green’ Energy Service Company (ESCO) that provides natural gas and electric to local utilities on behalf of its clients in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The Coice is YoursThe Choice Is Yours

Consumers have the 'power to choose' their energy provider. Deregulation of the energy industry puts the 'power to choose' an energy supplier in your hands.

Why to choose us

Fluctuations to your energy rate change as the seasons change. Weather takes a toll on the prices you pay. You can take control of your costs and ‘lock-in’ the price/therm (natural gas) and price/kilowatt hour (electric) you pay. No more stressing over the negative impacts of the weather. You can be rest assured you know the prices you are paying for your energy supply. Managing your energy budget has never been easier. And, we can even tell you what you will pay one year out with our service. Don’t believe us? Give us a call and you’ll be a believer.

Sure it can. Instead of your local utility purchasing the energy themselves and layering on additional charges that you will ultimately pay, Greenlight Energy supplies the energy on your behalf at a cheaper rate.

By locking in a fixed rate for the next two years, you will avoid the large rate hikes that come with winter months. You benefit from locking in while the rates are low. And, we mean low.

Save Up To 10% On Your Gas & Electric Bill in under 10 minutes. No obligation. You get a risk free savings quote in under 10 minutes. That’s It. Plain and simple. Call a member of our sales team for your no obligation Savings Quote. You may be surprised by what you discover.

If you’re like most consumers, saving money at the end of the year is a real challenge. With the abundance of Holidays, it is hard to keep to a budget, let alone put away any money. Then, the New Year rolls around and you start paying off the expenses from the year prior. The viscous cycle begins.

Why not guarantee yourself some year-end savings this time next year in one phone call with Greenlight Energy?

One phone call, with your utility bill in hand, will get you a no obligation savings quote.

No Gimmicks. No Strings. No Games.

NO Enrollment Fees
NO Switching Fees
NO Hidden Fees
NO Servicing Fees

Enrolling Is As Simple As...

  • Providing your consent and your utility account number
  • You will continue to receive the same monthly
    consolidated bill from your utility
  • Your local utility will continue to service your account

So, What's Next?

A simple phone call. Grab your recent utility bill and contact our sales team at (888) 453-4427 or complete the Savings Quote Inquiry Form on this page. A representative from our sales team will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your inquiry to provide you with your Savings Quote.

Already with Another Energy Supply Company?

No worries. Give us a ring with your last 3 months of utility bills and we are confident that we will find you additional savings.

Don’t Let The Winter Season Take a Toll On Your Wallet.
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Greenlight Energy is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that is approved by the Public Service Commission.