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Why is There a Need for Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones are being upgraded and replace at such a fast rate that cell phones are becoming a disposable item. Recycling is key to keeping all of these non-biodegradable electronics out of our landfills. Before you purchase your new phone, there are a few tasks you should complete. First is …

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All about air purifiers: what you should know?

As you all know the air purifiers are available in different types, sizes and colors. Not to forget, they are available with different filtration method too. You are already aware with the fact that nowadays the pollution in air is increased. No wonder why so many people are suffering from …

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What is Passivation?

The passivation process involves a stainless steel material that’s strategically processed after key procedures are implemented. The goal during the fabrication phase is to make a steel surface passive so that corrosion won’t occur. This is possible because the physical characteristic of the material changes at the end of the …

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