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4 Effective And Proven Ways On How To Live Eco-Friendly


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Many people around the world are taking up the challenge of living eco-friendly to protect and conserve the environment. They’re doing it to make a change in our way of living because it is not helping our mother earth anymore, it’s making it worse. People who take it up to themselves to be a part of something significant, they are the living example that living eco-friendly can be done.

You decided that you want to be a part of that change also. You also want to set an example to your community. But how will you do it? Will it be hard? Well, you can do it one step at a time without stressing yourself. You can do it together with your family and can even be a way to bond together.

Here are four simple ways to live an eco-friendly at your home:

Always Plug It Off

It can be hard to plug off your appliances every time you’re done using it, but if you remind yourself to do it, eventually it will become a hobby, and it will be an easy peasy thing to do. If you’re conserving energy at home, you will reduce your carbon footprint and even reduce your electricity bills. One pro tip, switch to LED lights if you haven’t done it yet, you will conserve more energy in this way.

Invest In Eco-Friendly Appliances

With the technology that we have today, there are many appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioning system, etc., that are energy efficient making them eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry about using your devices because it’s consuming less power but with the same performance, and you’re reducing your expenses on your electric bills. If you want to go beyond your appliances, you can install solar panels into your home. This solar panels Mandurah can provide your house with energy that is clean and safe for the environment. It is a fact that buying solar panels for your home will cost you a lot, but it will be a considerable investment. Because in just a span of five years, the electric bills that you will save every month are equivalent to the money that you spend on buying solar panels.

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Don’t Throw Out Food

If you’re having dinner and you were not able to eat all the food, you can always put it in your fridge and save it up for later. Because when you throw out your food, it just goes to the landfill and will contribute to the amount of Carbon dioxide and methane gas production. But if it’s already spoiled and you can’t eat it anymore, you can make it as compost in your garden. You’ll have zero-waste in your food consumptions, and for your garden, you’ll have an instant natural fertiliser and organic harvests.

Try To Minimize Use Of Plastic


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It’s hard to prevent yourself from using plastic entirely, but you can minimise your usage. You can use an eco-friendly bag when you’re going to do some grocery shopping and avoid buying products that are wrapped in plastic. And in buying drinks, you can bring your tumbler, restaurants and shops are even happy to serve their drinks in your tumblers.

Remember, one small progress that you make is still counted as progress. You’ll enjoy to live an eco-friendly life and be an example in your community.

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