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5 Hacks that Make Moving a Snap

Moving in or out is often a struggle, but there are plenty of life hacks that make it a piece of cake. Here’s our guide to moving made simple.

Buying a new house or landing your dream apartment is an exciting time. But moving in or out can be really stressful.

14% of Americans move every year, so that’s around 40 million people struggling with moving day.

But it doesn’t have to be so stressful. These 5 hacks will make moving a snap!

Box clever with your packing

Who wants to go digging through boxes looking for a toothbrush on moving day?

Prepare a box of essentials to take you through your first night and into your new morning. If you’re not sure what to include, pack as if you were going away for the weekend.

Who has the time or energy to write the intended room on every single box? Instead, buy colored duct tape.

Just stick the right color for the right room on the right box!

And speaking of boxes, grab free ones from local supermarkets. Just make sure you cut triangular holes in the sides to make them easier to carry!

Cut down how much you need to take

Don’t feel that you need to take all of your stuff with you. You probably have a lot of things that you haven’t looked at in years.

And if you’ve moved before, you probably have boxes that you’ve still never unpacked. So do you really need the contents?

Go through your stuff and be ruthless. Donate or sell what you can, and throw out the rest.

It’s best to do this a month before you need to start packing. And you’ll have far less to pack!

Protect your new floors with felt pads

If your new house doesn’t have carpet, you might worry about scratching wooden floors. So use the move as an excuse to protect them.

Add felt pads to the feet of your furniture when you put it in the van. That way, they’re already done when you unpack them at the other end.

And if you don’t remove the sticky backing, you can even slip them between your plates. It’ll stop them cracking against one another and prevent chips.

Be savvy with your clothes

You can also use your clothes as packing materials to pad boxes containing glassware. Roll T-shirts up and slip them between breakables.

Or use sweaters to cushion other fragile items.

Best of all, you can group clothes hangars and put a garbage bag over the whole hangar.

That way, you can just remove the bag at the other end and put the clothes straight in the wardrobe!

And be clever with your electronics

We’ve all unplugged devices before and then struggled to remember what wire plugs in where. And as American households own at least 24 devices, that’s a lot of wires.

So take photos of your electronic set-ups. That’s the wires in the back of the TV or the DVD player. And especially your computer.

It’ll be so much quicker to reassemble everything in your new home. Just copy the photograph.

You can also make life easier by running wires through toilet rolls to stop them getting tangled.

You’ll be able to unpack with ease and enjoy your new home much more quickly. Good luck with your move!

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