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5 Ways to Prevent Electric Shock

Electric shock is not something you should take light-heartedly. It is a serious concern as it may cause serious injury and even death. Having subsequent ideas about the ways to avoid electric shock may help you stay on the safe side. It is also important to take the best care of your family members and especially if you have children in your home. From this post, you will get some practical tips on how to prevent electric shock. Let’s deep dive in!

  1. Think About Your Electricity Requirements

The appliances and items you use have their own electrical requirements. You should know the types of fuses and circuit breakers required in your house. Make sure you replace them with the new ones when it is necessary. Using inappropriate parts will hinder the equipment to perform as it is designated to and also create unsafe conditions in your house. In the worst cases, it may lead to fire or injury.

  1. Turn the Main Switch or Electricity Off

The first step that you should follow before fixing any electrical issues is to turn the main switch or electricity off. By doing so, you will be able to reduce your chances to get electrocuted. When dealing with any electrical problems, it is better to seek help from a trained electricity retailer Singapore or from your desired location. Do not try to fix such issues on your own if you want to stay on the safe side.

  1. Install GFCI Circuit Breaker

GFCI or stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a circuit breaker that is designed to cut off the electric power if it detects any ground fault. It can detect the imbalances in the amount of current flowing through any electrical appliances. GFCI device is required in places which involve the risk of electric shock.

  1. Avoid Some Mistakes

People often make some common mistakes when trying to fix electrical issues in homes. You should be aware of these mistakes and take all the required safety measures to stay safe. Make sure you do not do the following things, touching the bare wire, overloading power strips with several plugs, touching the switchboard when your body is wet, and so on.

Experienced electricity retailer in Singapore or from another place near you, know the best ways of avoiding fire hazards, electric shock, and other risks. So, it is better to consult electrical contractors and obey their instructions.

  1. Cover Outlets and Sockets

Covering all the outlets with wall panels is necessary for preventing electric shock. If you have uncovered sockets, there are chances you may come in contact with wires accidentally. Homeowners who live with small children should use socket safety plugs for keeping curious little fingers safe from injury.

It is also necessary to replace your damaged equipment as soon as possible. By doing so, you will be able to prevent electric shock and other unwanted problems. Please feel free to share your views on the discussion above, below in the comment section.

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