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Biomass and Energy

During the past decade, renewable energy technologies have advanced in such a way that they now allowexploiting of a much wider range of sources (by http://exergy-orc.com/) . Since the strategies embraced by many different countries are increasingly and ecologically positive, this has led to a relevantchange in the way we produce energy. It seems that, among others, biomass continues to be one of the most used renewable energy resources.

Organic Rankine Cycle systems, have proved to be ideal also for powering small biomass plants.The application of the ORC technology for Biomass plants has proved to be highly efficient and widely available. But there are plenty of other reasons why it is a much better choice than systems that have so far been used.The Italian company Exergy hascreated and patented a more efficient, if compared to “old” steam turbines, ORC component, the Radial Outflow Turbine. The turbine uses the exhaust heat from the biomass boiler to produce electrical and thermal power, enough to satisfy the needs of both residential and industrial areas.


Biomass boilers operate on the principle of combustion and the ORC module can thus exploit the exhaust heat from the combustion to power the Radial Outflow Turbine and thus produce electricity.

The advantages of this system are many. Among the most important ones, there are the higher cost-effectiveness and reliability. Other than that, it is a lot more flexible than other systems when it comes to biomass feed quality, and it doesn’t require water in order to operate. And last but not least, the plants are lightweight and easy to install.

All in all, thanks to the Organic Rankine Cycle, it seems that biomass will help us brighten our planet’s future.

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