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Bright future for solar power entrepreneurs in Singapore

More and more countries around the world are starting to actively invest billions of dollars in green energy efforts, recognizing that we not only have to make a change as far as our energy consumption methods are concerned to save the environment but also to produce more sustainable and less expensive fuel and power along the way.

No nation may be making this push as aggressively as Singapore is, however.

Even though the global climate still focuses predominantly on fossil fuels that are becoming more and more scarce as days go by (driving the price of these fuels through the roof at the same time), Singapore continues to double down and invest in companies, corporations, and entrepreneurs that are looking to build a brighter future through solar power.


Major new initiatives pushed forward by the Singapore government, and supported by the Energy Department of this government, are designed to help startups and entrepreneurs looking to innovate and improve currently existing solar power technology get their operations up off the ground floor and create viable solutions as quickly as possible.

In 2009, just 13 Solar Photovoltaic Installations were connected in commercial properties. Today, however 500 were built up in the past year – and 1200+ installations of this solar power technology was introduced to residential properties throughout Singapore.

There’s a tremendous amount of growth in the solar power world (at least as far as Singapore is concerned) and major organizations around the world are paying attention to the moves that Singapore makes. Entrepreneurs in the solar power world from all over the globe are flocking to Singapore, teaming up with research experts, manufacturers, and technology professionals to create much more effective and impactful solar options that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

Singapore’s solar initiative is leading the charge

Even though Singapore currently lags behind many other developed nations as far as solar power adaptation is concerned, this isn’t going to be the story in 2020 and beyond.

Recognizing that they are falling behind the rest of the global community as far as solar power adaptation is concerned, the Singapore government and major organizations are pumping millions and millions of dollars into this industry rapidly and aggressively move towards a solar solution on a grand scale.

It probably isn’t feasible for Singapore to become completely carbon neutral or solar power dependent in the next three years or so, but the folks in Singapore – especially the entrepreneurs – are going to be driving just as hard towards that goal as they possibly can.

This is a nation that is tremendously dependent on natural gas (more than 90% of their electricity is created by natural gas), and Singapore would love nothing more than to move away from that dependency and instead embrace renewable and green energy sources like solar power.

As of right now, the three best nations to build a solar business in are the United States, Germany, and Singapore. Singapore has a number of other advantages – including a very business friendly government – that is making it a very attractive option for companies that would have considered setting up shop somewhere else.

The future is very bright for solar power in Singapore!

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