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Case Study: What is Scrap Metal Recycling and What are Its Benefits?

The word recycling indicates that we are salvaging and helping the world thrive. It gives us not just environmental saving, but also waste reduction. We are accustomed to recycling, but what about scrap metal recycling? How much do we really know about it?

Scrap metal recycling allows you to save and earn at the same time. There are various metals that are reusable and it can be found in your home. Metals that are involved can be both ferrous and non-ferrous.

Ferrous metals simply put are those that contain iron e.g. cast iron, mild steel, medium and high carbon steel, stainless steel, or  high speed steel – all of which are alloys. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals are those which do not contain iron e.g. aluminium, copper, brass, Lead, Zinc, or electrical cables.

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Now the difference cannot be seen by just looking at it so this is the part that you would need a reliable partner to help you sort out your stuff. You wouldn’t want your precious scrap metals lying around in your property just like that. You can start by contacting scrap metal recycling companies, and it will be best if you deal with one that has a full service. Full service includes dismantling, weighing, accounting, and pick up. Once the experts arrive they will start the assessment and will make a deal based on the current Metal Market report that can be found in the American Market journal. Your scrap metals will be segregated and placed in bins including those with lidded tops to address any storm water conditions and assist with any EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) issues.

There are a lot of industries that benefits from scrap metal recycling. In the transportation industry, recycled scrap metals are used in building roads and tracks. In both the airline and automotive industry, it is used for aircraft and car part manufacturing. In the shipping industry, it is used to make rods and bars that are can be used in construction. For the packaging industry, it is used to build containers. Lastly, in the manufacturing industry, it is being used for building supplies and surplus materials or for home furnishing.

Helping the environment through scrap metal recycling also alleviates your burden of adding on unnecessary trash. Creating awareness of how you can utilize the things around you will not only improve the quality of life you have, but it also helps you get the monetary incentives from it. Scrap metal recycling can be the start of it all, so get in the program and join the revolution.


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