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Change the Face of Climate: Crowdfunding for Social Cause


Air pollution and greenhouse gases are one of the main reasons behind the climate changes. Summers are becoming longer and unbearable, deserts are slowly engulfing the greenery, the ice caps at the poles are melting, and the water levels are rising in the seas. In these situations, isn’t it our responsibility to make amends and save the planet we exist in? Crowdfunding India says that it is time to come forward and join hands in this noble initiative and reduce the emission of CFC and greenhouse gases.

Crowdfunding India says that change can start with a single individual. Excessive energy consumption is a reason behind global warming. You can come forward with a goal; say Recycling and Reusing non-biodegradable wastes to reduce energy consumption. Recycling is an expensive process and online fundraising campaign can help to bring people with similar agenda, together. A collective goal amount must be set and a fundraising is initiated.

Energy consumption can be achieved by other methods, like, by using energy efficient products. You can start by replacing the light bulbs in your home with CFL bulbs and decide to bring the whole neighbourhood together. You can start an online fundraiser on Crowdfunding India, and set a goal amount to buy a certain number of CFL bulbs and write a compelling content that how it is everyone’s duty to put a collective effort towards making better choices. Once you start the campaign and spread the word around social media, not only donations will pour in but a public awareness will be initiated.

A step, no matter how small it is, is never insignificant. Crowdfunding India suggests another way by which crowdfunding can help you in your venture for a better environment. You can make mass tree plantation programmes. As the forest coverage is diminishing, the environment is losing its ecology and natural balance. In these circumstances, a tree plantation program or a Van Mahotsav can create a huge impact. Start an online crowdfunding campaign for a plantation program, and let the world fly around the world. There is nothing wrong in asking the masses to contribute to a cause like this, because climate is not only a personal responsibility, but a public one. People funding from all around the world is not a gesture of generosity but an offer to take part in the good work that you are doing.

Education and awareness are the biggest weapons against the misuse of fuel and energy. Crowdfunding India says that mass conferences can be held where people will receive classes and directions on how to reduce air pollution, how to use vehicles with a pollution certificate may help to lessen the pollution. Mass awareness program can be carried on. But these require funding, so instead of backing off for the lack of funding, or using your own money over it, you can start a crowdfunding program. You can publish leaflets, books, souvenirs to remind people of their duty. So if you wish to make a change and don’t want to do it alone, start a campaign on any online crowdfunding websites. Set a goal, goal amount and don’t forget to intimate your donor about the progresses you have made and send them a thank you above all. For deeper insights you can visit the Crowdfunding India page and understand how your decision will help save the world.


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