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Did you Know? Surprising Materials You Cannot Recycle and Why


There are various advantages to recycling, and with such a large number of innovations making considerably more materials recyclable, with everybody’s assistance we can tidy up our Earth.

However, there are surprisingly some materials which cannot be recycled to this day. There are a variety of reasons which prevent these items from being good recycling options. In this article, we will be discussing what these materials are and why they cannot be recycled.

Broken Glass

There are many reasons why broken glass is rendered unrecyclable. There are different kinds of chemicals incorporated in different glasses such as window glass, mirrors, and bulbs. Moreover, these glasses have completely different melting points and chemical compositions. So you shouldn’t recycle these without checking with your local recycling program first.


A wallpaper stripper for hire has removed the wallpaper from your room, and you are now wondering if you can recycle this wallpaper. The answer is no. Different types of wallpapers are designed using high quantities of synthetic ink and dyes. It is almost next to impossible to separate this material from the paper itself. Moreover, adhesives and coatings also present a similar kind of problem. Due to these reasons, it is not recommended to recycle wallpaper.



Most recycling and waste management facilities cannot melt down ceramics. This is the reason why ceramics are deemed unrecyclable. Even though you might have broken a plate or a mug, the sad truth is, these will have to go in with the regular rubbish. So, don’t place these in your recycling bin.

Pizza Boxes

You might think that pizza boxes are recyclable because they are made from cardboard boxes and these can be recycled. However, they actually can’t be recycled. This is because pizza boxes are stained with grease, cheese, and other food items. Recycling a pizza box with food stains will contaminate other cardboard, which could prevent even more items from being recycled. It is best to only recycle clean cardboard that hasn’t come into contact with food.

Aerosol Cans That Aren’t Empty

Aerosol cans can be easily recycled if they are empty but recycling a non-empty aerosol can is highly dangerous. These cans have inflammable material in them in a pressurized environment. So it is important not to recycle your aerosol cans that aren’t empty.

If you have any of these items in your home be sure to dispose of them correctly and remember not to recycle them!

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