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Different modes of transporting big and heavy equipment


Transportation of heavy loads has been evolving ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The dawn of steel manufacturing led to the construction of railway networks that crisscross most cities in today’s modern world. Railway lines led to transportation of heavy oil containers and tankers which opened up the economy to the suburbs. Coal, steel and other items are transported in bulk and at a cheaper cost as compared to the era of wagons and the sledge. The transportation of these heavy loads can be divide according to the type of equipment and load on board.

Mining equipment

Transporting machines and equipment used in mining process needs extensive experience and use of heavy machinery that is capable of handling the heavy load. These equipment include: drilling rigs, mining excavators, screening equipment and mobile crushing machines. They can now be transported from manufacturing warehouses to the sites for underground or open pit mining.

Power equipment

Power distribution and generation equipment are sophisticated and highly valued, especially due to their large size. The sensitivity of the load means that packaging requires dedication and specialization.

Construction equipment

Due to the complexity of the construction industry, the construction equipment comes in different shapes and sizes and is usually transported in the form of rolling units and completely knocked down units. Most of these are trucks that are automated for compatibility and ease of control. The customization of the transport mechanism is designed to cater for different loads and equipment. Similar to Satellite TruckXpress, the carrying space of these trucks can be increased or decreased to accommodate various types of loads and therefore offer a wide range of transportation services.

In the modern world, the use of various transport systems has enhanced mobility and cost efficiency. This gives a chance for technology to be used in transportation which enhances innovation and creativity in the locomotion industry.

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