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Eco-Friendly Farming Practices

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There are some techniques, farming supplies and strategies that can be implemented into agricultural practices to minimise their effects on the environment. Even if the majority of farms employed only some of these techniques the effect could be massive. Here are some ways in which farming practices can optimise their systems to be more environmentally friendly:

Conserving Water

Water conservation should be a priority for all individuals working in the agricultural sector because it requires adequate water to be successful. There are methods that can be employed to ensure that less water is used in the cultivation of agricultural products.


Using decomposing organic matter as mulch or compost is a great way to keep the quality of your soil high and decreasing evaporation rates.

Drip Irrigation

These irrigation systems have been said to save up to 80% of the water used in other irrigation methods. It delivers water directly to the plant roots in smaller doses, so no water is lost as run offs because the water is delivered through a more accurately targeted system.

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

Organic Fertiliser

Nitrogenous fertiliser has been used in the agricultural sector for half a century and this has made a huge impact on the ozone. Switching to an organic fertiliser doesn’t present this problem and it is better for your soil, allowing it to produce higher crop yields.

Sell Locally

Selling to local communities and buying from your local farms is a great way to minimise the fuel consumption associated with transporting produce.

Preserving Biodiversity

Crop protection has allowed farmers to make use of more diverse breeds of plants for their agricultural products. This ensure that should a crop be eaten by pests, killed by weeds or destroyed in another way that all the crops were not the same and so not susceptible to the same dangers.

Keeping your crops diverse protects the farmer’s livelihood and conserves energy and reduces the need to expand the land further to compensate for the loss.

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