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Home Solar system in 2019, for which can be get 4 to 7 years of payback.

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At present, the total cost of solar panels for homes is 30% federal tax credit. In many solar states today, most homeowners who install solar panel systems today can get 5-8 years of payback for investing in their home solar system. And in which 20 years of looking at the solar means that for 15-20 years, living without joy with the electricity bill.

With the continuous increase in electricity bills, it becomes more important, it is a more profitable deal than a reverse investor in the stock market.

Looking at the time of the coming time and now it can be a good opportunity by Home Solar Panel Systems in 2019.

How Do Home Solar Systems Work?

Solar systems for each residential buildings are usually attached to the local utility grid system, which are different from other types of solar energy systems.

Installing Home Solar Systems means that the utility company also controls which equipment to be included with the Home Solar system and how it can work.

Each utility should use the size, voltage, and current usage of solar systems so that when the grid goes down, the solar inverter works.

If the utility grid of the house fails, does the solar panels work for the home?

The answer is no. When the inverter goes below the grid, your solar energy system should be closed so that the lineman does not seem to be doing solar energy while checking your solar panel.

Most solar customers are required to shut down this because they have paid huge costs on the installation of solar systems. And all this happens when the power grid is down and you want to see your solar as a backup.

Due to this fact, most home solar systems in the US established in 2018 are connected to the grid, more than 30 states have net net metering law. And in this law it is necessary that you return the correct return of each kilowatt (kWh) utility of your solar energy to your utility bill credit.

The nature of solar panels installed on all houses is such that these solar panels produce most of the electricity during the day. And when most people are using electricity less as they are in their school or work. Therefore, it is not being used, 25 – 45% of their energy production from home solar panels can be fed back into the grid.

1 With one for retail net metering, it also receives 1 kwh credit for every 1 kwh you export. Also used to cover the cost of electricity drawn in the night

Is solar battery suitable for buying solar panels?

As seen, the Tesla solar battery has improved both its storage capacity, solar battery cost, and the battery is still quite expensive. Despite the rebate on batteries in the US, there is a significant advance cost. However, given the existence of net metering in most of the states, solar batteries have not been found to be as much as the glittering should be.

There is still a transfer in some areas. In this case, for example, if we talk about it, then it is becoming favorable in California’s financial affairs for batteries, where domestic residential electricity customers are entitled to (Peak of Use) electronic plans according to their high utility Is being forced to go, under which there are expensive and cheap peak systems. The peak load time of this scheme also makes it useful for battery for shifting time. In it, the time of peak load shifting occurs when your solar battery is charged during the cheap peak period and during the peak period the battery is used.

For people with mostly net metering, the solar battery is not worth it. But still the net metering works like a battery, there is no advance cost for net metering. The reason for this is to add the battery to the solar panels of your home.

What is the difference between home solar system panels and other types of solar panels?

For the home solar system generally there are high watt and along with off-grid applications, which have high voltage compared to solar panels for RV, caravan, boats and solar pumps.

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