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How to make the queues in your restaurant shorter?


Long queues in your restaurant can invite a lot of trouble for you as well as your customers. It can make your caterers puzzled and your customers irritated. Longer queues can increase the waiting time for your customers and make them annoyed. Hence, managing queues in your restaurant are as important as serving delicious foods.

You need to build the best queue managing strategy to make the queues of your restaurant shorter and reduce the waiting time for your customers. Well, that being said, if you are frustrated with the long queues at your restaurant, you are in the right place. Here, in this article, you can get the best and most effective tactics for reducing the queues in your restaurant.

Tips and Tactics to Reduce Queues at Your Restaurant

  1. Make the Queue Feel Shorter

At times the most effective method for speeding up queues is making it feel relatively shorter. Many studies have brought to light how the customers feel when waiting usually matters more in comparison to the real waiting duration. The surrounding environment can alter the perception of the customers of how quickly time flies by. Hence, follow the below-mentioned tactics for making your customers’ wait feel relatively shorter:

  • Play a relevant and engaging background music.
  • Have some staff members communicate and interact with the customers standing in the queue.
  • Have an entertaining surrounding.
  1. Let the Customers Pre-order

You can provide a pre-ordering facility to your customers. If you do not take online orders, then at least ensure that your phone is handy for pre-ordering calls. Pre-ordering will allow your customers a smooth pick-up.

  1. Be Honest Regarding the Wait

Many times it is not the waiting time that bothers your customers. It is rather the feeling of uncertainty that gives them the stress. Hence, inform your customers where they stand in the queue and what will be the expected waiting time.

  1. Make Use of Technology

Adopt a reliable Queue Management System for your restaurant business. Such a system can help in automating the queue and making it shorter.

  1. Make Use of Virtual Queues

Virtual queues let the customers secure their place in the queue without having to line up actually. They can do this by taking up a ticket or a number carrying the appointment time. According to studies, not looking at the queue can decrease the annoyance of people about waiting for long.

The Final Words

When your customers are hungry, waiting can make them angry in no time. They would not take much time to switch to the next restaurant or food court in such a scenario. Hence, to retain your customers and serve them better, you need to manage the queues in your restaurant effectively. The tips mentioned above will help you in the process. Apart from the discussed methods, you can also make use of a well-developed wayfinding system that can further make things more streamlined.


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