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Little Known Facts about Truffle


Have you ever about truffle?Truffle is known to very few as it is not seen very often. Truffle is a kind of a rare species of the genus Tuber. It is one of the many types of Fungus that is found to grow in close association with tress. It generally grows underground beneath the roots of trees like – oak, beech, pine, birch and poplars. It is native to the European countries as the climatic and geographical conditions there are extremely favourable for growth. They usually grow naturally but in the recent times Europeans do cultivate them as they have high commercial value.

How is Truffle Cultivated?

Truffle grows in mutual beneficiary relationship or symbiotic relationship with the host tree. As it grows on the roots of the trees it helps the roots of the trees to suck minerals and water that passes on to the different parts of the tree. In return it derives sugar and other nutrients from the tree produced during photosynthesis. Cultivation of truffle is a tough challenge. This is because truffle has to compete in terms of space and nutrients with other fungus that grows easily and provides the same kind of benefits to the host tree. Moreover, cultivators cannot cut off the other fungus that grows along with it without harming the truffles. Therefore, the greatest task of the truffle cultivators is to create an artificial condition that is perfect for the growth of truffles. For this they follow several steps one by one. They are:

  • Careful site selection in order to inhibit the growth of other fungus.
  • Planting seedlings that are pre-inoculated to ensure maximum growth.
  • Creating soil conditions that best match the growth of truffles than any other fungus. For this lime is added to increase the pH level of the soil. Truffles can well survive in such type to soil but other fungi cannot. You get to know more about truffle cultivation and its uses from trufflemagic.com.

Major Types of Truffles

There are different varieties of truffle that are found in nature. Most of them are wild and have less or no commercial value at all. However, truffle cultivators usually grow three of truffles that have immense market value. They are:

  1. Black Winter Truffle – They grow best in warm, airy and well drained soil.
  2. Burgundy Truffle – They need a much cooler atmosphere for their survival.
  3. Bianchetto Truffle – They thrive in sandy soil.

All these types of truffle grow best in organic soil free from chemical fertilizers.

Truffle cultivation is much in vogue in Europe and North America because of the diverse uses and advantages of it. Truffles are not only tasty and delicious to eat but they also have many health benefits. You can visit trufflemagic.com to know more about the health implications of truffle.


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