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Molded End and Sewn End Filter Elements for Gas

The filter replacement elements come in different shapes and sizes. The different designs are mainly based on the unique requirements of various projects.  The two main types of filter elements used in the filtration process are molded end and sewn end filter elements. In this post, we will discuss the different features and aspects of these filter elements.

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Molded end filter elements

The molded end design for filter elements came into being about half a century ago to bring about a revolution in the industrial and military services. These filter elements now come with synthetic rubber ends, and they are one of the best quality air/gas filters available. Some of the main aspects of the molded end filter elements are as follows:

  •    Made from rugged polyurethane
  •    Capable of handling vibration, moisture and mishandling
  •    Highly practical and economical in use
  •    Outstanding performance

The rugged construction of this type of filter element comprises of solid rubber ends (preferably made from polyurethane), radial-pleated filter element and heavy-duty metal center core. The screen jacket contains fins that are useful in boosting the service life, durability, and flow capacity. The textile media are known for their outstanding performance, and the industrial grade construction ensures longer life and yields higher flows.

Sewn end filter elements

The sewn-end style of filter element comprises of sturdy metal baskets. The hand sewn design is time and tested to prove high-quality results. The biggest USP of these elements is that they are made from pure metal and textile media, without any synthetic end seals or potting material. They are basically useful in the chemistries that undergo aggressive filtration processes. As they are made from high-quality metal, they can withstand an extreme temperature which is not possible in the case of molded end elements.  Some of the features are:

  •    Rugged metal basket
  •    Made from metal and textile media
  •    Can endure high temperature and aggressive chemistries

The center of the sewn-end filter is perforated carbon steel however other material may also be used. Some of the options are 316SS, 304SS or electro galvanized metal. The large sized elements have solid steel rings and welded lift lugs to aid with handling.

The standard wire is aluminum coated. However, 304SS, 316SS and galvanized screen are also available. Filter elements normally incorporate the adequately glued felt end gaskets. However several other options are also available to meet the high temperature and chemical compatibility needs. Sewn-end filters also come with an optional backwash screen, which is handy if the fluid-flow is overturned for cleaning purpose.

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