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Offering Hygenic Breakfast Spaces For Your Employees

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Hygiene is paramount to the success of any business, but yet when a hygiene expert explains this to a businessman only concerned with making money, the concept is often ignored. According to Alison Datko on Livestrong.com, staying hygienic is essential to health and social balance. Without both of these elements in a workforce, there will be low team morale and a lot of paid sick days.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If your office provides staff with a hygienic place to eat, they may get into the office earlier and eat breakfast when they get to work.

This means that employees that want to eat breakfast before they begin their workday will strive to get into the office an hour or half an hour before their day begins. As opposed to those that will make any excuse to stay in bed 10 minutes longer and get the next train or make an excuse explaining that there has been accident and traffic is backed up along the road.

A report on Inc.com shows that late New Yorkers cost the state over $700 million per year and in California over $1 billion a year. Lateness means less working hours, less productivity for the business and a lower value for employees wages. This is why one way to reduce the losses is as simple as providing a healthy breakfast area.

What Are 3 Secrets To Providing Hygienic Eating Spaces?

Aside from having nice décor and furniture with proper kitchen cooking equipment and utensils, the main secret is giving your employees an environment that is free of germs.

The last thing you want is for employees to start falling sick because of the spread of germs around the workplace.

Soap dispensers instead of soap bars or having staff use washing up liquid to wash their hands is a great solution. They are affordable, refillable, and very hygienic. Most people prefer not to use soap bars as half the company will be washing their hands on the same bar of soap.

Hand Dryers are the most hygienic way to dry your hands. There are no second-hand towels that pick up germs, the heat kills bacteria that remains after washing hands with soap, and hand dryers reduce the waste caused by paper towel systems. Prosan.co.nz are experts in this field. Check out their website and take a look at their savings calculator. Maybe off the subject of hygiene, but the Prosan website shows how hand dryers are more cost-effective than using paper towels

Dish Washers are so good at cleaning cooking utensils that it means all staff members have to do after breakfast is make sure they put their plates in the dishwasher. This avoids stacks of dirty plates in the kitchen sink from people too lazy to clean their plate. Also, not everyone will wash their plate and cutlery properly. Some people will simply rinse them with water. There is nothing more offputting than this to another employee that sees someone do this. Therefore, a dishwasher solves all these issues.

Now you have provided your employees with hygienic ways to keep themselves clean, and the utensils they use to eat breakfast with clean. All that is left is to make sure the cleaning company do their job and keep insides of cupboards clean, and the general eating area clean and tidy for the next day, so early risers arrive at a hygienic and fresh breakfast eating area.

The end result should be a fun, clean, bright and hygienic breakfast time social area for team building in the morning.

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