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Save the Environment, Save Money

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Everywhere you look today, more and more people are worried about the environment and trying all ways to save it. People and organisations are finding ways of going green and saving money in the process.  Some organisations especially the auto industry is spending tons of money to make eco-friendly cars but in the long run, the same cars will save users loads of money because they will cut down on fuel costs and what is even better is, that the cars will not have the usual carbon emissions that damage the environment. Eco-friendly buildings are coming up everywhere and even though they cost money to put up, they will save a lot of it in the end. Below are some of the ways you can save the environment and still save money.

Ways to save money while going green


  • Recycling


Waste costs both the environment and the people money. When we throw away everything we use, we replenish them by buying more. Some of the items we throw away after use do not have to end up in the landfills. We can recycle some items and if we cannot do it, then we can sell the same to recycling companies. Some of the recyclable items that we could make money from are things like newspapers, magazines, plastics, shopping bags, utensils, electric items, water bottles, clothes, shoes, and used oil recycling among many others.

If you do not know what to recycle, you can check up with your local recycling company and tell them what you have so that they can come and pick the stuff up. They will of course pay for whatever you are recycling. By recycling, you rid the landfills of trash, which harms the environment by producing harmful toxins. A company like MBP Solutions and many others turn recycled materials into quality but cheaper raw products. One of the main products that the companies recycle is used cooking oil.


  • Buy used and recycled goods


Recycled and used products sell at cheaper prices than new products. When you buy recycled or used goods, you save money that you would have otherwise used on the same new more expensive product. You also save the environment by cutting down on the possibility of items ending up in landfills.


  • Go organic


Many people are going organic today because of the health benefits that come with it and the advantages it has on the environment. More people are eating organic foods, which are free of toxic chemicals like processed fertilisers and pesticides. This improves the health of many people and in the process, cutting down on medical expenses. Farmers too are taking up organic farming to cultivate healthy crop and to save the soil and the biodiversity. By using organic products on the soil like organic fertilisers, manure and decayed plants, they enrich the soil giving it more nutrients and ridding the environment of carbon from chemicals. They rid the environment of toxic pesticides that create long-term problems such as water pollution, loss of biodiversity and soil erosion.


  • Make your own DIY products


Your DIY skills can come in handy in many places at home if you concentrate more on trying to save money. By creating your own products, you will reduce trash and save some money in the process. Some of the things you can do are; make your own soap, lip balm, lotions, mouthwash, candles, deodorants and much more. This way, you will have zero waste and some money to spare for something else that you cannot DIY. Some of the most common products you can use to make these products are easily available at very low prices.


  • Composting


One of the best things you can do to save the environment is compost. Instead of filling landfills with organic matter that take long to decompose, you can do it at your backyard using a bin. Compost is useful for farming as it contains nutrients that feed the soil making it healthy for better organic yield. Filling up landfills causes the emission of methane and other gases that are harmful to the environment. You can sell your compost as manure or organic fertiliser to the local farmers or to recycling companies.

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