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Small Wind Turbine Generators- What are their advantages?

Are you considering the installation of a wind turbine?

If so, it is advisable that you visit the local planning authority in the first instant, to receive more information about the regulations for your local area. Once you have done this, providing the regulations comply with the land you have available, you can begin to consider factors such as wind resources and electrical needs.

In addition to this, do you want your domestic turbine to be free-standing or mounted on a building? Despite its location, a small wind turbine can generate up to 100kw of energy and requires much less wind energy.Image result for Small Wind Turbine Generators- What are their advantages?

After this, are the axis going to be vertical or horizontal?

The most common type of wind turbine axis’ are horizontal, these are built to have strong foundations in order to withstand severe wind. Alternatively, vertical axis offer suitability for turbulent winds- providing more stability!

Reduced electricity bills

Small wind turbines are responsible for the significant reduction in electricity costs, this is because wind power is free, you only have to pay for the initial installation of the turbine. In the long-run, small wind turbines are cost-efficient because you generate adequate energy to provide electricity for your home! This can also link to the environmental benefit of not wasting energy, resulting in there being fewer carbon emissions in the atmosphere!

Low maintenance

When compared to larger, more powerful wind turbines, smaller turbines are far easier to maintain. These turbines should be maintained every few years, this will cost between £100 and £200 a year- however, it depends on the size of the turbine.


They are expected to last up to 40 years if they are well-cared for! A small generator is a simple development of popular technology. Futur Energy is an example of a small wind turbine manufacturer who performs extensive research to ensure the renewable energy source always offers high-performance and quality. In addition to this, the turbine is created to store electricity, this can then be used when there is no wind- therefore providing regular electricity to homes, farms and small businesses!

Environmentally friendly

A small wind turbine provides a cleaner alternative, as a renewable source of energy it guarantees a cleaner environment- there are no pollutants involved therefore you can cut your carbon footprint! By installing a small wind turbine, you are producing your own energy in a way which is effective and sustainable.

Why Futur Energy?

A small turbine can generate from 20W to 100KW- our range at Futur Energy offers convenience for your individual needs! We recommend our AF1 12V-0126 – a 600W wind turbine- ideal for those who won’t be generating an awful lot of energy! Although our small wind turbines are used to generate domestic energy, these can be desirable for those who operate local businesses, particularly if you don’t require immense amounts of energy.



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