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Smart Dump Carts Along With the Lawn Tractors for You

Working outdoors can be a real pleasure for some. But sometimes having to transport soil, trees, waste or equipment from one end of the garden to the other can quickly transform this moment of relaxation into a real ordeal for the back and legs. Carrying all these loads with your bare hands requires a lot of effort, in addition to being a considerable waste of time. This is why investing in a wheelbarrow or a garden cart turns out to be an essential choice to do away with going back and forth with loaded arms. Make a visit to dump cart for lawn tractor and learn all that you need to know now.

The different types of wheelbarrows and garden carts

We will present below the main models of wheelbarrows and trolleys existing on the market and their main characteristics:

The main types of wheelbarrows

The garden wheelbarrow: this is the classic wheelbarrow. Use it for your everyday chores. It can have one or two wheels, is quite compact and easy to handle.

The professional wheelbarrow: ideal for liquids, it is much more robust and stable than the garden wheelbarrow. Most often its wheel is anti-puncture and it is made to transport large loads.

The agricultural wheelbarrow: like a devil, it has no tank. It is recommended for farmers because it facilitates the transport of bulky loads such as straw, hay, sacks of food, etc.

The wheelbarrow canteen: it is a wheelbarrow with a large tank that can be closed and locked. It allows you to transport more things and especially to keep them safe once the padlock is placed.

The motorized wheelbarrow: It can be on four wheels or on tracks and does not push, but drives. It is made for the transport of very large loads (more than 300 kg) on ​​any type of ground.

The different types of garden carts

The plastic cart: It is practical and easy to handle. Its two wheels make it easy to move small volumes such as tools or chimney logs; however it is not made to transport large objects or heavy things.

The tool trolley: with a capacity of 30 to 40 liters, it has a large polyester bag attached to a metal structure. With its two wheels, its exterior pockets and its capacity of 30 to 40 Liters, it allows you to easily transport garden tools.

The trash cart: with its metal structure and two reinforced wheels, it can hold up to 250 liters which makes it ideal for transporting leaves and other light waste.

The versatile garden cart: it can support up to 150 kilos of load. Its loading capacity ranging from 100 to 400 liters, it can be multifunctional. Its four wheels, two of which are directional, make it easy to handle.

The tilting garden cart: It is similar to the versatile garden cart, but also allows the container to be tilted in order to empty its contents more easily.

Heavy load garden cart: with its four wheels and its capacity of up to 500Kg, it has a drawbar that can be towed by a mower.

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