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Solar Panels Questions to Ask a Solar Company

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Going solar is not just helpful for the environment, it is also rather beneficial for you as well. If you decide to use solar power to power all the appliances at home or office, it will invariably lower your monthly electricity bill. Once you have successfully decided to choose solar power for all your lightings and appliances and have also decided upon the financing options and equipment, the next important step is to choose a solar company to help you with the installation.

Some of the Questions to Ask Your Solar Company

It is needless to say that installing solar power at home or in office is a rather costly affair unless you use www.solareze.com.au. You certainly need the best solar company to help you with the installation. There are several solar companies out there who can help you with the installation. However, choosing the right one is rather important for a successful installation. Here are some questions to ask your solar company before you hire them.

  • Insurance and License: It is important for any solar company to have proper insurance policies and credentials in the states where they normally work. Before you decide to hire any such company, make sure to ask them about their license and insurance policies. Their license number, necessary business insurance policies and license, NABCEP certified, and installation and design systems are some of the points that you need to clarify from a solar company.
  • Expertise and Experience: When it comes to a solar company, it is important for you to try and find out about their expertise and experience at such a job. Ask them about the number of years they have been in this business, the states where they operate, number of solar systems already installed, and past customer reviews before deciding upon hiring them.
  • Repair/Replacement and Warranty Procedures: Although most of the solar energy systems work smoothly for around 25 to 35 years and do not require any maintenance, it is still important for you to be familiar with the repair or replacement procedures of your installer. This will help you during situations when things can go wrong. Ask your installer about whom to contact during a problem with the system, various warranties for the different system components, warranty to cover the roof, and possibilities of a roof repair in the future.

Once you have received a quote for the installation process from the solar company, ask for a site visit. This will help you discuss any other options and to finalize the quote. During this time, you can also verify if the solar installer is someone whom you can trust and like. This will also help you interview the installer to get an idea about his total work experience in this profession and to build a trust with him. While the installer makes a site visit, he will measure the entire area of your roof and also conduct a shade analysis in order to determine whether the quote previously provided was accurate or not. You may also ask the professional about the equipment they choose for your property.

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