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Some Common Features of Yamato Packaging Machines

Yamato packaging machines are employed for use in many facilities for many reasons. They are typically used for weighing products, and those types of scales include combination weigher scales, platform scales, washdown scales, and much more.

History of Yamato

Yamato began as part of Kawanishi Machinery Co., Ltd, a Japanese company, in 1922. It was not until 1945 when Yamato became its own, independent company. Since that time, it has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of weighing systems and equipment.

The year 1969 marked the first year when Yamato first started producing digital scales, which eventually led the company to focus on computerized scales with multiheads.

Since their departure from Kawanishi Machinery Co., Ltd, this company has made a name for themselves when it comes to being the most innovative developer of packaging machines in their industry. Several companies make use of Yamato’s machines, including High Performance Packaging.

Their used equipment remains in the quality working condition in a way that makes production lines more efficient. At the same time, any of their equipment can be refurbished to meet the needs of any production line. This refurbishing goes according to the buyer’s request, should such be required.

Some of the most commonly used scales by most companies are their combination weigher scales, platform scales, and washdown scales. Here is a closer look at those scales for further consideration.

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Combination Weigher Scales

These scales are employed in many different applications. They can be used for blending, counting, and mixing. Production lines that make use of combination weigher scales typically combine them with HFFS and VFFS packaging equipment in a way that improves efficiency.

There are two types of series with the combination weigher scales, which are Alpha and Sigma. There is also the Dataweigh Omega and the semi-automatic units to consider as well. Combination weigher scales can be used in both washdown and non-washdown environments, so they are ideal scales to be used for handling fragile products in a high-speed facility.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are one of the most commonly purchased scales by production line companies from Yamato.

These scales are typically made of stainless steel, and they also use splash-proof technology. Mezzanines can be combined with platform scales for the sake of making a complete packaging system.

Washdown Scales

The third machine that is the most common of Yamato’s products is the washdown scale. Like the platform scales, they are built from stainless steel, so they can be employed in a variety of different applications.

Their intended use is harsh washdown environments, where normal machines might be considered vulnerable to excessive water exposure. Unlike the other two models, the washdown scale includes an LCD display that puts readouts on annunciations.


Yamato has a proven record of efficiency with the production of their machinery, especially with their scales. They make many types of scales outside of the ones described above, including legal and trade scales, kitchen scales, grading and packing scales, and baby scales.

They are more than work considering for production packaging purposes, and they will perform for a long time at their task. This company has made a shining name for itself, and they will only grow in the future.

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