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Spring Care : The Economics of Watering Your Lawn


Spring time is the time to do maintenance on the lawn in order to get it in shape for summer. The goal of lawn care during the spring should be to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow, withstand diseases, and survive the heat and some times drought a summer can bring. Getting the proper amount of watering in during the spring time is crucial for your lawn to be healthy enough to survive summer. Listed below are several tips on how to water your yard during the springtime.

The Best Time To Water The Lawn

Most lawn experts agree that the best time of the day to water your lawn is when the temperatures are at their coolest. In general, most lawn experts agree that early morning is the best time to water the lawn because the heat from the middle of the day and afternoon will not evaporate the water off the grass rapidly. A good indicator is dew, and if dew is on the grass in the morning it is a great time to water. A great watering time frame would be to water anytime between 4 a.m. to 10 a.m..

Do Not Water At Night

Countless homeowners water their lawns at night or set their sprinkler system to run late at night. Watering at night is bad for the grass and could be doing more harm than good. Fungal diseases strive in wet grass and at night the water does not evaporate creating the perfect environment for many fungal diseases to grow and spread throughout the lawn. Fungus on lawn can rob the grass of it’s nutrients and cause it not to grow; or have a nasty looking mold on it. Experts suggest if you cannot water on weekday mornings then it is better to just wait and water on weekend mornings than to water at night.

How Much Should You Water

Obviously, how much and how long it takes to water your lawn will depend on the total size of the area as well as the type of soil that needs to be watered. Most experts will advise to water enough to soak the soil 6 inches down because that is the depth of a healthy grass root system. In order to get a good timing on how long it will take to soak 6 inches down, you should measure after every 15 minutes of watering the first few times that you water. This technique will help you water exactly what is needed without over watering or under watering. A lot of people think their yards have to be watered every day, but that is not true. Most experts claim that clay soils should be watered once a week and sandy soils about every three days.

The Best Watering System

There are many types of ways to apply water on your lawn. Some people choose to have an automated sprinkler system installed where they can set a timer. This may be a great option if your mornings are busy and you cannot manually water. Built in water systems are generally the most efficient as well. A lot of people opt for sprinklers that hooks to their garden hose. The two major types of sprinklers on the market are pulsating or oscillating. The best sprinkler to use will be the pulsating ones that shoots out the water horizontally at a high velocity. The pulsating sprinkler is not vulnerable to the wind blowing the water which allows more water to get into the grass.

These simple techniques for watering during the springtime can help make your lawn lush and green for the upcoming summer months.

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