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The Importance of Metal Recycling

A number of different kinds of metals are currently used in the world. Metals such as aluminium, steel, and iron are used for various construction and automotive purposes. For instance, aluminium is primarily used for the construction of aircraft. It’s one of the most durable metals in the world. Combined with the fact that it’s extremely durable, aluminium becomes the perfect metal for various different purposes. However, over the last century, man has been using metals and fossil fuels at alarming rates.


Development in countries such as China has increased drastically. Today, millions of tonnes of metal ore are being used on a monthly basis around the globe. This is unsustainable in the long run, since it won’t be long before the world runs out of metal and fossil fuels completely. Every day, a large amount of scrap metal is discarded from production facilities. If your company produces a lot of scrap metal, you should seriously consider calling Perth metal recyclers to take care of all the scrap. Here are a few reasons why metal recycling is so important.

Environmental Benefits

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider calling a scrap metal recycler is because it benefits the environment. It preserves the environment by limiting emissions from greenhouse gases. The production of new metal generally releases a lot of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. If the metal is recycled, the damage to the environment could be greatly reduced. According to a specific study, damage to the environment caused by greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by almost 300-500 million tonnes just by recycling scrap metal.

Of course, another reason why metal recycling is environmentally beneficial is because it helps control global warming. Because less metal is sent to the incinerators, it minimises the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which also prevents damage to the ozone layer.

Conserves Energy

Another major reason why it’s best to recycle scrap metals is because it seriously helps in the conservation of energy. Rather than using virgin ore, scrap metal recycling can save up to 92% of the energy in the process of manufacturing aluminium, 90% of the energy for producing copper, and 56% of the energy for producing steel. Given the fact that thousands of tonnes of metallic ore are processed on a regular basis, the sheer amount of energy that would be due to recycling is difficult to calculate mathematically. According to a particular study, recycling a conventional can of any soft drink beverage releases enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for four hours!


Economically Beneficial

Recycling has led to the creation of a number of jobs. Rather than sending the waste to the incinerator, it can be recycled, which has led to the creation of a whole industry. It can lead to almost 36 times more jobs than directly disposing of the waste. According to one report, the recycling industry has helped generate almost $200 billion in terms of revenue and has helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country.

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