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The Pros And Cons Of Using Cannabis

There are pros and cons of using cannabis. As a growing number of state consider legalizing cannabis for medical use, it’s important to look at its potential benefits and dangers. This can help people make an intelligent decision on if legalization of cannabis is a good idea. Many people involved in the pro and anti-cannabis movement hold their positions for philosophical and personal reasons. But a position based on facts can help create a rational, cohesive national policy. 

The Pros Of Medical Marijuana

Research has show there are many medical benefits of using cannabis. Some of this is anecdotal evidence from users, their physicians and some that have visited the roll-uh-bowl website and some of it is drawn from sanctioned medical research. 

Cancer Treatment Aide

Almost everyone agrees that cannabis can play a significant role in helping people receiving treatment for cancer. There is both anecdotal and scientific evidence that cannabis can help patients suffering with nausea and many other side effects from undergoing chemotherapy. It also helps improve the appetite of many people that are undergoing treatment for cancer. 

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Glaucoma And Other Illnesses

There is also clear scientific evidence that cannabis can help people suffering with glaucoma. Medical research has shown that cannabis can play a significant role in reducing the intraocular pressure in the eyes of patients suffering with glaucoma. For people suffering from multiple sclerosis, scientists say that using cannabis not only decreases spasticity, it also helps with a wide range of other neurologic symptoms as well.

Ancient Uses

Egyptian papyri that have been dated back to as early as 1,550 BC talk about using cannabis to treat patients. In ancient India, cannabis was used to help patients suffering with headaches, insomnia and labor pains. The ancient Greeks treated people suffering from ear infections, nosebleed and tapeworms with cannabis. Cannabis was also used as far back as the 1800s to treat urinary tract infections, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorder and a host of other mental and emotional problems. 

Cons Of Cannabis Use

In addition to the criminalization and social stigma suffered by cannabis users, there are other negatives associated with its use. 

Stunted Emotional Growth

Research has shown that excessive recreational use of cannabis by young people can cause them to exhibit signs of stunted emotional growth. It can also interfere with their emotional maturation. Too much cannabis has also shown the tendency to blunt ambition and diminish motivation in some people. 

Mental Issues

In some cases cannabis use can trigger psychotic states like schizophrenia and bring on irrationally fearful feelings. It can also lead to disorganized thought patterns, confusion, induce anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It can also cloud people’s judgement and lead them to make poor decisions. 

As you can see, there are positives and negatives associated with the use of cannabis. Used under supervision and in a controlled environment, cannabis research shows it can be a valuable medical tool. However, when abused by minors and others, it can have dire consequences. 


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