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The Top Energy Renovation Works In 2019

Energy renovation is excellent for every individual and every country of the earth. It is geared towards saving planet earth and ensuring that sustainable energy is attained. Here are the top energy renovation works in 2019.

Roof Insulation

Once again, the insulation in the attic, which tops the most popular energy renovation works with 26% of the projects concerned. It is a solution that has progressed between 2018 and 2019: + 44%.

Remember that roof insulation is the work to prioritize before carrying out any other renovation work, such as replacing your old heater. Up to 30% of heat loss occurs through the roof of a house, so this work has the best possible return on investment with a relatively low cost of work.

The Air/Water Heat Pump

In 2019, the air/water heat pump dethroned the wood stove, which was the year before in 3rd position.

According to experts, the air/water heat pump market has experienced exceptional growth, with a sales increase of 69% over the first eight months of 2019 in some countries. Indeed, at the end of August, the level of sale of this solution had almost reached the full scale of 2018.

This explosion in sales is linked to various government announcements on the replacement of oil-fired boilers and the different financial aid that has resulted.

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Insulating The Walls

The thermal losses of the walls go up to 25%, so it is once again essential to think of insulating your entire house and then thinking of changing your heating. A house that is well-insulated ages better and requires less maintenance.

There are two types of insulation: interior insulation and exterior insulation. Insulation from the inside is a cheaper technique and does not modify the outside of the accommodation. On the other hand, it leads to a reduction in living space, and its implementation can be restrictive. Insulation from the outside is to be preferred if the conditions are met: it allows to insulate but also to make the renovation at the same time.

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