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Top Things to Do Before the Termite Season Starts


The termite season starts just around spring, and if you think that your home is clean enough not to attract termite, then you need to think again. According to experts, two in every ten homes are likely to be affected by termites. Thus, it is essential for people to be ready before that happens. It is best to take the help of a professional pest control company such as EcoArmor Pest Defense. They can help you lower the risk of termite infestation from spreading as they can catch the signs of an infestation early on. Here are some of the things that you need to do before the termite season begin –

  • Check Leaky Pipes – Termites mainly feed on wood that has some moisture. They can live, feed and grow in a moisture-rich Thus, it is essential for you to check for any pipes that are leaking and get them repaired immediately not to attract termites to your home.
  • Close all Openings outside the House – Even though most termites use soil to get into the house, they can also get in using any openings that they can find outside the house. Thus, it is best to look for any cracks in the outside wall and also in the foundation of your house and seal them.
  • Avoid Storing Wood in the Yard – Avoid keeping wood in the yard since termites love to eat wood. If they happen to smell wood, they will easily come for it. It is best to store wood in a closed area or inside a shed.
  • Get Regular Inspection – It is the best option to avoid termite infestation. A pest control company such as EcoArmor Pest Defense can carry out an inspection of the entire house, inside and outside to check for termites. They can ensure that your house is protected.

When it comes to termite, it is best to prevent them from entering the house in the first place and not letting infestation grow. Regular inspection can help you lower the chances of zero.


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