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Uses of Biofuels

The most common use of biofuels is its use as an alternative to fossil diesel. However, there are other numerous uses of biofuels less known to most people. Biofuels are being considered as an alternative to other energy sources that are less economy and environmental friendly.

Here are different ways people can make use of biofuels in their day to day lives.

The Transportation industry

More than 25% of energy consumption is directed to transportation. This accounts for 60% of absorbed oil. This means that the transport industry consumes more than a third of available oil. This is mainly because the other alternative sources of energy such as the sun and wind are not practical sources of energy for transportation.

The only viable alternative to fossil fuel for the transport industry is biofuel. This is a type of renewable energy source that has the same abilities as fuel derived from crude oil. Biofuel can be converted to hydrogen steam used in adjoining fuel cells.

Some car brands have come together with companies such as Uco Industries and invested in biofuel-powered car stations. This goes to show that biofuel is reliable and available.

Heating resource

Over the last years, more people have become accustomed to using biofuel heating systems on their premises. It is possible to generate natural gas from grown materials which are used to manufacture biofuel.

Using biofuel for heating reduces the emission of nitrogen and sulphur oxide gases. This makes biofuel for heating a safer alternative. Wood is an example of biofuel used to heat around the homes.

Generation of energy

Apart from making available fuel used in vehicles, biofuel cells come with power generating applications that produce electricity. This makes biofuel the perfect alternative to diesel-powered generators as a source of alternative power in case of an outage. Biofuel energy sources can be used in schools, hospitals, and even in residential areas.

Today, with the help of Uco industries, the United Kingdom is the largest market in terms of turning biofuel into energy generating sources. More than 350,000 homes have moved from fossil fuel to biofuel as an energy source.

Cleaning of grease and oil spills

Biofuel is eco-friendly. For this reason, it is used to clean up grease and oil spills. Biofuel is an ideal cleaning agent and can be used in regions where crude oil has contaminated the waters. The use of biofuel as a cleaning agent is found to positively enhance the applied areas and allow for complete removal of the contaminants from the waters. Biofuels can be used as solvents for cleaning metals. This is beneficial since is a non-toxic cleaning agent.

Pumping of water and cooking

One way you can use biofuel around the home, office, hotel or even hospital is in the kitchen. You can use biofuel in your stove and non-wick lanterns.

Biofuel can also be used to pump water from a well for use in premises. This is an ideal way of cutting on power costs around the home and protecting the environment. Biofuel can provide enough power to pump water to different parts of the establishment consistently. Just remember to donate your used cooking oil or sell it to Uco Industries for it to be recycled into the biofuel.

Charging of electronics

It is now possible to use biofuel to generate power to fuel cells which in turn make it possible to connect your devices for charging. You can use this power to charge your phone or laptop among other electronic devices.

This was made possible after a group of students created a fuel cell that generates electricity from cooking oil and sugar. This is a viable project because Uco Industries uses cooking oil and sugarcane are raw material used in the production of biofuel.


Biofuel can be used in many ways to make like simpler and more affordable. With the crude oil reserves diminishing with time, it is only ideal if the world looks for alternative ways to generate power and energy away from the use of fossil fuel.

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