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Ways Bar Codes Make Us Recycle Better

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It is the 66th anniversary of the barcode. It is a perfect invention that has changed how we ship our products, organized them and so on. However, barcode technology is still evolving, and significant changes are still largely affected by the transition into RFID tagging. This is a whole new way the barcode is being used. Over the years there have been excellent and significant uses of barcode technology; the best of which are listed below.

Six Ideas that Further Developed the Barcode:

Carbon Footprint Bar Code

The idea of using barcodes to determine the carbon footprints of items is a great one. A lot of companies love the idea of using the carbon footprints in reporting of their products. Apple has joined the fray; their first TV has gotten carbon footprint verification. There is a need for a more standardized procedures to report the emission of products and supply chain; this is where the carbon footprint barcode becomes relevant.

Rainforest Logging Bar Code

This helps to slow down the progression of illegal logging. It is used to track and monitor the process of logging. Helvetia created the system where the trees going through logging facilities have an individualized barcode connecting them with its forest and loggers. This way, once a tree comes through without any code to scan, it would be considered illegal and the perpetrators would be arrested. This has helped reduce the incidences of illegal logging.

Endangered Plants Bar Code

This is instead a DNA barcode. Although it is a little twist on the concept, we love the idea. Around four years was spent developing this by the Consortium for Barcode of Life (CBOL) planting working group. The principle is based on two genetic markers that are present in plants. The DNA is used to create a library that can help identify plants, particularly those that are endangered. It is also used to ensure that Chinese herbal products use the correct plants for their procedures.

Postage Bar Code

This has reduced the rate of paper usage in postage. Instead of using self-addressed envelopes, the sender can use the barcode that is on the original envelope. A USPS approved EcoEnvelopes helps customers with significant rate permits, as they can use the new envelop with an ‘Intelligent Mail Barcode.’ The difficulty of this, has been in trying to encourage more people to this.

Bar Codes in Recycling

The Seareach create barcodes used in recycling bins and is one way in which the whole recycling process pays off for those in the business. The Seareach works by providing incentives, and the process is simple; the customers who participate receive a 35, 64 or 96-gallon Seareach container and this has a unique barcode that will identify their homes. As the trucks collect the items for recycling, it scans the barcode on the container and then converts the value to the dollar equivalent- up to $35 is available a month, redeemed through coupons. This is very innovative technology; this business will improve as soon as more cities and partners come along to partner with the business.

Bar Codes in Grocery Stores

This tells us how much carbon and water our food has. The barcode scanners for food in our grocery stores will help to buy food with the lowest kind of food miles a lot more convenient. If barcode scanners come on our shopping carts, that will be altogether lovely. And although all have not yet embraced the idea, we are more than welcome to such an idea when it comes.

One Barcode Scanner We Can Do Without

There is a one Barcode scanner that doesn’t fly. It is the Seareach Grocery Barcode Scanner. It acts as a digital shopping list. As soon as you scan an item package it logs the product information and creates a list. It is then able to send the order to an online grocery store, where you then get your groceries delivered to you. We think it is a better option to stay with your written list rather than bringing this equipment into your home.

Contact www.seareach.plc.uk for all recycling barcodes.

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