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What Options You Can Think of Regarding Supplement USage

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Exceeding the highest safe level of intake, and thus excessive consumption of many nutrients can have undesirable effects. Most often use supplements we provide too much vitamin A, beta- carotene, calcium, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, manganese and zinc. Symptoms of overdose in the initial phase are not visible. Initially, they show similarity to the symptoms of other diseasesthese include headaches, weakness, and disorders of the proper functioning of individual systems. These symptoms are similar to those that are often the reason to reach for supplements. With the 10% iHerb discount code HK you can now expect the best choices.

Reactions and worrying symptoms are different and depend on age, sex, health status and individual sensitivity to the nutrient. Already one large dose can very often cause undesirable side effects, and when using supplements dosed in small portions, the symptoms may be visible after some timeafter a month or even after several years. Overdose occurs most often in people consuming preparations in the form of effervescent tablets.

Interaction with nutrients contained in food and drugs

Some of the ingredients in dietary supplements may affect the nutrients contained in your food or medication. Food and supplements may have a negative effect on the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of the drug, which promotes the formation of undesirable health effects. The interaction between the drug and the supplement may have a two-way nature. Examples include preparations containing magnesium, calcium, iron or fennel or dandelion extract that reduce the absorption of tetracyclines from the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the effectiveness of therapy with these drugs.

Antagonism of nutrients

Incorrect proportions between nutrients in the supplement may cause that these components will interact with each other antagonistically, so the action of one will be leveled by the other. This phenomenon occurs with the simultaneous intake of calcium and ironthe presence of calcium in the digestive tract reduces the absorption of iron. Similarly, iron reduces the absorption of zinc and copper. When supplementing nutrients, it is very important to maintain the right proportions between them. You should also take into account the nutrients that are provided with food, which may also interact negatively with the supplement ingredients. There comes the use for the Japan iHerb プロモコードnow.


Aggressive advertising from dietary supplement manufacturers is very profitable, especially in a country where people are busy and medical care leaves much to be desired. In addition, the growing distrust of classic medicines, and the desire to return to natural therapies means that this ad goes on fertile ground. It is worth remembering, however, that for most supplements we do not buy real help, but only our dreams about how we would like to feel or look. Of course, this does not apply to everyonepeople with special needs, such as pregnant and lactating women, people using specialized diets, the elderly or those at risk of deficiencies should take appropriately selected supplementary preparations that what a daily diet cannot give. However, if we are not in this group before we spend our money on dietary supplements, let’s think about whether it is better to add them to shopping in the grocery store and take care of a more balanced and varied diet.


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