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What to Expect When Travelling to Space

Buckle up: it is time for a space mission! That is it. The era of space tourism that we have been waiting for is here! Just like you take a trip to Hawaii, Russia, Queensland or other top destinations, it is now possible to travel to outer space. Although the cost is really high, it’s a worth excursion. So what should you expect?

Notably, the experience from space tourism starts well before you take off because companies involved subject clients to some pre-flight training. So here are the five main things to anticipate. 

Pre-flight Preparations 

This is perhaps the most crucial part of preparing you for the excursion. Most space tourism companies have simulations that help you get an experience similar to what you will get in a spacecraft. Particularly, they are meant to help you prepare for weightlessness or a zero-gravity flight. Also, you will need to visit a doctor for a comprehensive checkup to ascertain that your system is okay for the flight. 

Taking Off and Re-entry 

Space tourism involves blasting into the sky, which is risky. Therefore, you will want to relax and allow physics to get to work. Before you even realize it, your eyes will be well into the sky, and the earth will look small, like the way you see the moon from your balcony.

Note that most spacesuits are designed to help you enjoy the take off without suffering from blast. Indeed, if you opt for air launch, there will be no turbulence and drag that are common in the lower atmosphere. And when it is time to land, it will be equally easy because star cruisers are designed with special heat shields.  


When you finally get into outer space, it will be a completely different situation from what you are used to on earth. Because of zero gravity, you will experience weightlessness. Indeed, even pouring a glass of water will be near impossible! 

Life on Board 

Once aboard and in the space, you will experience sudden blinding flashes of cosmic radiation that trigger false signals on your retina. The effect is that a day will look like it has 16 sunrises. When taking a gaze into the finite void, well, it is pretty normal to get a feeling of insignificance. But take a closer look at earth to get an awesome sense of uncontrollable glee and gratitude. It is an experience that will remain embedded in your mind for many years to come!

What about Delicacies? 

We cannot close this list of expectations on a spacecraft without talking about the delicacies. Food in the spacecraft is pre-packaged and processed so that it can be taken by the body easily. For missions that last longer, it will be possible to enjoy fresh vegetables that are delivered during resupply missions. 

Life aboard a space tourism craft will bring you a unique experience that you cannot get elsewhere. So prepare well, and select a great space travel company for the best moments.

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