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What you Need to Know when Travelling Alone

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Traveling alone can be an arduous task. Many thoughts linger through your mind before you finally decide to go on a solo vacation. Won’t it be weird eating alone in restaurants, or walking alone in foreign streets? What about going out alone especially at night? What if you get lost?

These are some of the questions that could be running through your mind if you are deliberating on traveling alone. Fortunately, we are living in a digital world where you can locate almost every region from the comfort of your phone. You do not even need a translator as you can find an almost perfect translation by simply tapping on your phone.

Technology has indeed made some of the things that would have otherwise been difficult to achieve achievable. You do not have to worry before taking your inaugural solo trip whether you are planning on going overseas or visiting a new region within your country.

There are numerous benefits of traveling alone that many people discover once they overcome their fears and proceed on a solo vacation. Below are tips to ease your solo travel.

  • Beware of your Strengths

Are you an introvert, someone who enjoys their own company, or an extrovert, a sociable individual who performs best in crowds? If you are an introvert, communication and especially language barrier should not deter you from hopping on the next plane and going on a trip to a foreign land.

You could even spend more of your vacation days inside some of the best 5 star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia reading your best books or watching your collection of movies. However, if you are an extrovert, you may want to consider vacationing somewhere you can freely mingle and communicate with other people.

  • Find Home stay or Apartment Accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodation is part of the highlight of your trip. Today, technology has made it easier for holiday goers to find a variety of accommodation options from the comfort of their mobile gadgets.

From luxury hotels to room rental facilities within apartments, you can find the ultimate accommodation in your holiday destination at reasonable prices. If you are a social person or want to connect with the local people and get to learn and understand their culture, try home stays.

This will keep loneliness at bay. Some landlords will suggest good places to visit and things to do while you stay with them. They will also introduce you to their local cuisine and various other activities to keep you occupied.  

If home stays are not an option then you could choose hostels. The only disadvantage here is that you could end up residing with fellow tourists rather than the local residents.

  • Appreciate your Own Company

Unless you are an introvert, enjoying your own company can be a challenging task. However, spending some time alone gives you an opportunity to relax, reflect on yourself, and focus on things that make you happy.

If being alone is daunting for you, try making new friends. In today’s social media age, people have friends across the globe many of whom they have never met. You could surprise one of your virtual friends with a visit. This way, you get to connect and get to know each other even better.

  • Learn some Words from the Local Language

Take time to research and understand the place you intend to go for your vacation. Find out the local language used there are learn some basic words. For instance, ensure you can introduce yourself almost fluently and learn the local greetings.

It goes a long way and the people will be happy that you are doing everything possible to interact with them. You will be surprised that this could stimulate them to teach you more words.


While traveling alone is not for everybody, it can be a rewarding experience once executed well. Sometimes it only takes getting out of your comfort zone, confronting your fears, and going on that solo vacation. You never know how many opportunities it could open for you.


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