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 Why Get Solar Panels?


Solar panels are a cost effective way to save energy while also being good for the planet and environment. There are many benefits to solar panels installation in Los Angeles. The estimated amount a homeowner in Los Angeles would save through installing solar panels would be $19,000, enough to buy a Toyota corolla. Solar panels can be installed through a remodeling contractor in Los Angeles like Cali NRG, who specializes in this sort of thing. Solar panels can allow you to save money through lower power bills and possible tax incentives.

A good place to start in learning more about solar panels is a tool offered by Google. Google’s Project Sunroof can help you see approximately how much sunlight your specific roof receives each year by searching your address. The tool approximates how much sunlight your roof will receive and  helps you to figure out how much you’ll save over twenty years, your recommended installation panel size as well as your potential environmental impact and how to finance solar panels for your roof.

Many people are trepadious about getting solar panels because they think that they only continue to produce energy on sunny days. What is not realized by many is that solar panels continue to produce energy even on cloudy days, thought of course less than when the sun is out. Another key benefit for installing solar panels is a financial one. There exists a federal income tax credit that allows those who purchase solar panels to get thirty percent of total costs of installation and equipment back. This can be tremendous especially considering that panels can also allow you to cut down your energy costs significantly.

Solar panels are also good for the environment. Solar panels are a power generation method that does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute water in any way. Solar panels also don’t create many noises, unlike wind power and don’t use excessive water to maintain like nuclear power, which requires twenty times more water for use than solar. Solar panels are also applicable anywhere, well anywhere with sunlight of course. Solar panels are a very good source of energy production for those in remote places without reliable power grids. Solar panels also cut down on the amount of energy lost during long distance transportation. Typically about three to five percent of energy is lost this way.  

Solar panels also help to improve the security and stability of the power grid by decentralizing the sources of energy production. Lastly, solar panel installation also serves to help create jobs and lots of them. Jobs for those that make, install and maintain those panels on top of your roof.

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