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Why is natural gas more eco-friendly than electricity

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The term eco-friendly has taken on a new meaning in the 21st century. With more and more people becoming aware of the impacts of global warming at a local level with the changing environmental conditions, the use of sustainable and eco-friendly resources is important. In this regard, we will seek to find out which is more eco-friendly, electricity or, natural gas?

Many people will advocate for the use of electricity and electrically operated appliances as they find it to be more eco-friendly than using carbon-based fuel products, and to a certain extent, they might be correct. But they fail to take the carbon input used in the generation of electricity into account. And this is to be done even though the electricity might have been using renewable sources of energy, as although the use of electricity is clean, the carbon output from the processes used to manufacture the equipment or in the actual process of electricity production cannot be neglected. 

Most of the electrical power is generated at coal-burning “dirty power” stations. The government mandates efficiency stickers for such appliances but does not mandate any such sticker for the gas-fired stoves that are used in the kitchen. What does this mean for the eco-friendliness of natural gas?

When natural gas stoves are used in the kitchen, as soon as it is ignited, a flame appears giving a good source of instant heat – whereas with electrically operated stoves or ovens, it takes time to get up to operating temperature, and this means that more electricity is used for the same amount of heat in an inefficient manner. Gas stoves, on the other hand, offer more control to the user with regards to the temperature that needs to be maintained for proper cooking of the food, along with more efficiency when combined with electronic ignition systems – reported as up to 40 percent more efficient. 

With that being said, natural gas is not a completely eco-friendly source because it also produces some amount of carbon dioxide when burnt, and so cannot be relied on as the complete solution to the global warming crisis that we are currently facing, but when compared to the current means of generating electricity, it is far more eco-friendly than the electricity that we use today. In addition to all of these, it is a clean-burning fuel, which does not release the same polluting particles that are released when coal or petrol is burnt, and this gives natural gas an edge when it comes to being more eco-friendly. New gas field discoveries like the one in the Levant Basin in Israel make the use of natural gas all the more appealing to the world today. 

Until we can find a sustainable, carbon-free, eco-friendly way to produce clean electricity, natural gas is going to remain as the more eco-friendly energy source for the world.


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