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Why You Must Switch to Biodegradable Oil

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Different oils come with certain variations, some major and others minor. These variations may be found in the texture of the oil or the quality. Some motorists have a misconception that one oil is as good as the other and see no reason why they should pay more than the minimum price.

There is every reason to go for oils that will not cause you problems with your vehicle or implements. Biodegradable oil, for instance, will not only serve you well, it will also not mess with the environment. It is what is referred to as ‘green oil’. To learn more about eco-friendly oil, visit this site mbpsolutions.com.

Green Oil

The term green is used in reference to products that are environmentally friendly. Green oil is made from natural products and therefore does no damage to the environment. This mean than green lubricants are free from toxic ingredients like heavy metals. However, it is important to note that not all claims to be green are to be taken seriously. You must be careful as you select these products so that you do not end up feeling cheated.

Biodegradable products are those made from renewable products. They degrade fast and naturally decomposed matter that is non-toxic. For a lubricant or oil to qualify as green, it must have been made with vegetable oils in majority and free from toxic elements.


A product that does not destroy the environment comes with proven performance advantages. In the case of oils, their lubricity is more enhanced. This means that there is reduced friction and therefore reduced wear as well. The oil also has a high viscosity index and high flash points, both of which increase safety.

When switching from synthetic oils to biodegradable ones, you will need to check for compatibility between the two. It has been discovered through research that the two may not always be agreeable due to chemical imbalances between the vegetable-based products and petroleum ones.

The beauty with choosing environmental friendly products is that you are making a deliberate choice to save the environment.


This term is used to refer to the chemical degradation of a product, in this instance, a lubricant, in the presence of bacteria. In simple terms, a biodegradable product does not have as long a shelf life as its synthetic cousin. The methods used to measure biodegradability are primary degradation and secondary degradation.


This is term used to define products that are derived from renewable products such as vegetable or animal-based products. Some technical oils may therefore be derived from plants while others may be extracted from animals. Bio based products are not necessarily biodegradable. For instance, fatty acids are used in making grease thickener components. They are classified as bio-based products but are not biodegradable. However, they are renewable and agro-based.


Biodegradable technical oils are applicable in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Wood
  • Railway
  • Dams and locks
  • Motor

You can get a range of lubricants such as hydraulic oils. Chainsaw oils, two-stroke engine oils and biodegradable greases.

Other terms used to refer to environmentally friendly products including oils included eco-friendly and non-toxic. What is important to know about these words is that many people use them as selling points. It is important to find out where you can buy genuine biodegradable products.

Why Are More Motorists Opting for Green Oils?

There is growing awareness of the need to care for the environment. There is therefore a pressure to switch to products that are environmentally friendly as a way of ensuring that you participate in the attempt to make the world a safe place. Concern has been raised over the use of synthetic lubricants because they contain petroleum elements.

Petroleum has been listed as one of the products that is not healthy for the environment. In a bid to lessen eco-toxicity, legislators are raising concern over the use of products that contribute to the ozone problem.


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