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Why You Should Trade Your Car in for a Bicycle to Help the Environment

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A huge number of people around us use their personal cars as a mean of transportation. The trend of using these cars has elevated to an alarming rate. We can see numerous people using their cars not just for the commute to work, but also for covering a short walking distance, like going out to do a grocery. This high rate of using automobiles has created a very bad impact on our routine lives. It has made us sluggish on one side and caused a serious damage to our environment on other.

Getting out of environmental problems

Worrying about this dilemma, experts have proposed many solutions. Among numerous other solutions, one of them is trading your cars in for a bicycle. Where many people agree on this conventional way to get out of the environmental problem, few also comes up with the question in their minds, is this solution actually going to be practical?

Why can’t it be practical?

Now, let us first discuss few concerns that people might have in their minds regarding replacing cars with bicycles.

The foremost reason for favoring automobiles over a bicycle is the convenience it offers. The next one most probably is its time-saving attributes. Other than these two major reasons, cars also give passenger ability to travel safely in all type of weather conditions. They also provide efficient traveling regarding a number of passengers.

There are many such benefits that automobiles surely give over bicycling.
How can cycling help our environment?

Answering the concerns of people, here are few reliefs that our environment may get if we trade our cars in for bicycles:

Healthy Manufacturing

Let’s first start with the manufacturing process of both contestants. Creating one car involves utilizing plenty of different resources. From making its engine to the structure, the whole process makes use different valuable resources. It doesn’t just stop here. It is also estimated that car production generates abundant pounds of carbons in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, having a simpler structure and few mechanisms, bicycle production involves a small number of natural resources and produces lower amounts of carbon.

Reduced fuel consumption

You drive a car to cover a distance of a mile, or you ride your bicycle for it, both will eventually make you reach your destination. But, how your environment would feel about it? It will definitely be greatly annoyed by your unnecessary use of the car.

The reason behind is the amount of fuel that cars consume to cover a minor distance. The bicycles on the other hands don’t ask for any type of fuel, and therefore, keeps the environment clean.

Reduced fumes emission

It is probably the most important fact that will ultimately force you to switch your cars for bicycles. The emission of carbon and other dangerous gases from vehicles are extremely damaging our environment. This damage is not going to leave us any sooner. Rather, it will stay persisted in our surroundings making us suffer long-lasting air pollution.

Protecting Forests

One of the major components involves in cars and bicycle construction is rubber. We take rubber from forests. Comparing the amount of rubber consumed in both modes of transportation, it wouldn’t take us more than seconds to realize the fact. Cars use a considerable quantity of rubber as compared to bicycles. Therefore, we can also protect our forests, if we agree to trade our automobiles in for a bicycle.

Reduced noise pollution

Have you ever heard bicycles producing annoying noise? Definitely not! It is another woe that cars do bring with them. With the poor performing engine, few vehicles make it hard for people to travel in peace with their annoying loud noise. The case with the bicycle is completely different. You will never hear them making any upsetting noise.

Preserve space

Another important resource that cars are consuming unnecessarily is our land space. Cars can take up to a space of four to five bicycles easily. Therefore, to make more parking lots to accommodate these vehicles, authorities clear more land. This results in preventing us from using this space for some other beneficial causes.

Save Lives

Another hazard of using cars is the fact that every year many humans, as well as birds and animals, lose their lives in the road accidents. It sometimes becomes very tragic. On the other hand, there are hardly few cases reported in which bicycles have caused some serious accident. That’s why we can also say bicycle can also aid our environment by saving precious lives.

Convenience, fitness and clean environment – All together!

If you often have to travel around the city for business purposes, but all points of visit are close to each other, think about buying a bicycle. This is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, which is convenient and also helps you keep the figure, making you fit and sporty. It’s such a great way of keeping fit it was actually a recommended addition on a fitness camp I went to in Bali.

Comparing benefits over concerns

In the above two sections, we have discussed concerns as well as benefits of trading our cars in for bicycles. Realizing the bad impact of cars on our environmental conditions, many organizations have introduced a trend of trading your car in for a bicycle.

Following this trend, you can give off your vehicle to get your bicycle/e-bicycle. The purpose behind is to promote healthy practices. It will involve saving the environment and improving common people health.

For all those people who feel reluctant to adopt this healthy habit, it is important that they see both sides of the picture. If they are repelling it for saving their time, then they should also see the adverse effect excessive traffic can have on their precious time. No one can reach their destiny on time during rush hours.
Also, cars only offer convenience for the shorter time. The reason behind is the fact that staying sluggish for a longer time will ultimately force you to join static gym bicycle. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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