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Will Winter Mayhem Catch You Unprepared?

Severe storms are earning it increasingly more relevant for survival kits and emergency readiness plans.Texas and many other states have experienced greater than their share of disasters this month. These storms rushed across five states and left two others looking.

November, 2015 tornadoes hit Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana and introduced snow storms to Colorado and Kansas. Anybody in individuals claims that did not come with an emergency package or at best a readiness plan, were caught unprepared. The tornadoes that hit the Texas area introduced 99 miles per hour winds and high rain. Storms this severe aren’t normally seen before the spring several weeks. This massive storm drawn moisture up in the Gulf and put a downfall of heavy rain around the areas below. This quantity of water caused flash flooding, downed trees and powerlines, and cleaned out streets, departing 44,000 men and women without power. In cases like this a survival package having a flash light and a few extra batteries can often mean the main difference between existence and dying. To create things a whole lot worse, from the 42 tornadoes reported a minimum of two were miles wide and taken across vast regions of land causing lots of damage. 15 to twenty trailer homes were broken and three trailers were flipped within an RV park. These tornadoes also destroyed a financial institution and left one senior high school with severe damage. In the middle of all of the damage rescuers had the work they do eliminate for them also, because they taken care of immediately over 90 water rescues. Getting food, potable water along with a plan might have avoided many from lack of fluids, and provided an improved chance at making it through until rescuers could arrive. Following the tornadoes blew through and everything settled lower six everyone was found dead and a minimum of two were missing. Advanced preparation of the emergency plan and acquiring a survival package using the proper products, could be instrumental in stopping fatalities.


Exactly the same storm that hit Texas also introduced a huge blizzard to Colorado and Kansas. Forty-five mile each hour winds and nine feet snow drifts taken over the states and introduced horrible driving conditions by using it. Semis and cars were arranged across the interstate and many arrived in ditches. Getting a kerbside emergency package or perhaps an automobile emergency package will be a great factor to need to keep people safe and warm across the road. I-70 was closed from Colorado into areas of NW Kansas and flying was extremely difficult as over 200 plane tickets were cancelled. Both of these states saw a minimum of five ft of snow within a week. Although these disasters are from our control, it’s within our control to help keep ourselves and our families safe to achieve that we have to be ready.

Getting an urgent situation readiness plan along with a survival package are efficient ways to stay prepared and yourself yet others safe this winter season. Do not get caught with no plan. Be ready.

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