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Tackle These 7 Tips To Reduce Your Household’s Carbon Emissions

You’ve heard it all before, the glaciers are melting and coral bleaching is destroying the Great Barrier Reef. Not to mention the rise in temperature being the cause of extreme weather conditions, from tropical cyclones to floods, and, of course, the big topic on every Aussie’s mind, drought.

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The burden of keeping our earth in tact has fallen upon our shoulders, so here are a few tips on how to reduce your household’s carbon emissions:

  1. Switch out all lightbulbs to LED lights

This option is a little pricier than some of the others, but is 80% more efficient than any other bulb. Walk around your home and replace all your light bulbs with LED lighting. You’ll notice that they have a longer life than your traditional bulbs, and, most importantly, contain no toxicity.

  1. Only wash clothes in cold water

You’ll practically be reducing your energy costs with every load of washing you do in cold water. A cold water wash is also optimal for stained clothes, delicate pieces and colourful fabrics. Another bonus, it reduces wrinkles, therefore saving you time spent using that dreaded iron, another use of energy.

  1. Pop clothes on the line, rather than in the dryer

Dryers use up a tonne of electricity and energy. Luckily for Australians, we get amazing drying weather throughout the year. Using the dryer is pointless unless the piece of clothing specifies it on the tag or you’ve run out of time to air dry your clothes. If in winter you’re struggling, just buy a cheap line and dry your clothes inside.

  1. Look into investing in solar power

Sure, it’s not the cheapest option on the list, but it definitely pays out in the long-run. The fact is that energy costs are continuously rising and it’s pretty easy to accidentally leave the light on or forget to turn off your speakers. Solar panels allow you to keep your bills as low as possible through the free energy generated from the sun. Less carbon dioxide being emitted through energy generation equals less trapped heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.

  1. Hit up a nursery and place a plant in every room

Plants are great at oxygenating any room, while also acting as some nice interior decor. Check out your local nursery and grab the essentials; pots, soil and, of course, the actual plant. The snake plant, money plant and the gerbera daisy are only a few of the best to keep indoors. Be sure to purchase a spray bottle for watering because your floors, furniture, and, most importantly, your water bill will thank you.

  1. Keep your air conditioner and heater on a timer

This is one of the more useful life hacks if you forget to turn off the A/C. The amount of energy being used up while this is switched on is exponential. In case you live by yourself or just love waking up to a warm house, fiddle around with the settings on the system. You can usually programme it to turn off after a set amount of time and then switch back on half an hour before you wake up for work.

  1. Unplug all devices when finished using or leaving the house

Such a simple task, yet many are oblivious to how much electricity is used because of this. Do us all a favour, and when you’ve finished with your hairdryer, toaster or kettle, turn it off, switch it off and take the plug out.

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