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Looking For Cannabis Consultants? Here Are 4 Tips To Go Ahead!

Cannabis consulting has witnessed a rapid boom since the last decade. So whether you are already in this business or want to set up a new one, a Cannabis consultant can help you fetch huge profits. So here we mention some tips to select the best cannabis consultant:

  • Figure out your specific needs: It’s important to understand your long-term and short term goals and what success means to you. This will help you to figure out what kind of consulting you need for strategizing your plans. Cannabis cultivation requires compliance with legal and regulatory reforms; therefore, it is important to choose the registered and licensed consultant who can help you in several ways.
  • Try to get a picture of the consultant’s role: Renowned consultants provide expert services in specialties such as cultivation, genetics, transportation, food safety, dispensary, and legal services. You should understand the central idea or the role for which you are hiring a consultant. Remember the right consultant will refine, meet and even surpass your goals with his experience and expertise.
  • Know the shortlisted consultants well: Make sure the consultant’s cost is relatively lesser than expected profits. In order to test the skill set and expertise of the consultant, ask them the following 4 questions:
  1. How much time can the consultant dedicate to your cannabis project?
  2. Can the consultant provide a detailed outline of the consultation plan?
  3. Can the consultant provide his portfolio? (So that you can check his experience and testimonials)
  4. What all services are included in the quoted fee? And, what will be the charge for additional services in the future?
  • Look over the ‘Red flag’ factor: In the large cannabis market, you will find two types of cannabis consultants—the genuine consultant and the one who entered the market just to make money. To make sure you don’t fall prey to fraud or inexperienced consultants, check the ‘red flags’, which cover the following:
  1. The consultant will not treat you as a partner and dominate the entire process.
  2. The consultant will hesitate to communicate and not answer your questions properly.
  3. He will refuse to provide testimonials or share his past projects with other clients.
  4. He will charge extra (hidden) costs for the services already included in the quoted fee.

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