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Solar Power Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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One question that most solar companies in Idaho will frequently be asked is how – specifically – solar panels can help people reduce their carbon emissions. Our carbon footprint is the sum total amount that we individually produce while going about our daily routine. It includes everything from the gas we use to drive to work through to the ways our food is produced and the kind of energy used to power our homes and businesses. Measuring this precisely is next to impossible – after all, how do we know the emissions reduced in the production, harvesting, and transportation of that banana we enjoyed with breakfast? But what we can say is that there are some clearcut ways we can reduce them ourselves and that the kind of power we use to run our property is one of the most significant of all.

Consider These Numbers

Most people have barely the vaguest idea of how much carbon they produce every year. Here are some figures that should help give you an idea – and it is a lot! One kilogram of CO2 is produced every time we:

* Drive our car 3.75 miles.

* Produce five plastic bags or use two plastic bottles.

* Run a laptop computer or similar household appliance for 32 hours.

The average US household uses five times the global average – producing in the region of 10 tons of CO2 emissions each year. Needless to say, if we are looking at ways to substantially reduce our carbon footprint the first place we should look is how we choose to power our home. We’re going to need power no matter how much we power off appliances or invest in better home insulation. Solar presents a perfectly clean source of electricity that can massively reduce or even eliminate the need for grid generated power.

How Much Will Solar Power Reduce My Carbon Footprint?

The best Idaho solar power companies will be keen and proactive when it comes to providing people with advice on how to reduce their basic usage. Reducing grid energy reliance is the ultimate purpose of effective solar energy installations – and how far people are able to take that depends upon their own project. You can measure the reduction of your carbon emissions by comparing the amount of money you spend on that grid electricity.

For example – if after one year you have noticed that your grid energy bills have been reduced by 75% (a realistic ‘average estimate for a standard residential property) then you know that you have reduced your CO2 emissions by around 75% too. Sure, you’ll still be producing about two and a half tons a year – but that’s considerably better than the ten tons produced the year before.

Solar energy is entirely clean and utterly renewable. Besides the actual manufacture of the panels (a process that is far greener than it used to be), you’ll be shaving a huge amount of carbon off your footprint by choosing to go solar – and substantially reducing your grid energy costs at the same time.

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