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The most common plant in the winter

Common plants in the Winter.

Are you looking to brighten up your garden for the winter? What plants look good in the winter, what will give the garden a special vibe?

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They have a wealth of knowledge and advice for winter gardens and grounds maintenance, and the most common plants to brighten a winter garden.


A very common winter brightener for the garden is Holly, a variegated Holly such as Silver Hedgehog Holly is a beautiful feature for the garden, with its striking clean and shiny two-tone leaves and its glowing red berries, and it is a seasonal and festive plant, perfect for Christmas arrangements and ideal as an all-round winter plant of interest, as well as being very common and easy to obtain. Holly is versatile, it can be a feature plant on its own or be part of a bigger arrangement of plants and shrubs.

What will suit your garden?

Here is a site with inspiration for your winter landscape, the RHS are experts on seasonal plants, and what looks good at each time of year:


Of course, the most common or useful winter plant depends on the size of your garden, your tastes, what region you are in, and whether you prefer foliage or flowers, what size of plants you are looking for, when you most need them to flower, and what is safe for your situation.

A wealth of choice

There is wide variety of common winter plants to choose from, from winter bedding such as pansies and primroses which will still flower in the frost or snow, or magnificent foliage plants such as the silver or golden hollies, something delicate and decorative such as the Witch Hazel tree, or low perennial plants such as Hellebores with their pale flowers on drooping stems.

Dogwood, red or yellow/white, is a lovely plant purely for the striking colour of its bare stems, red or yellow, depending on the variety chosen, while cyclamen or heather can make a beautiful flowering ground cover carpet. Viburnum is a winter flowering shrub often seen in parks and public gardens, but it can easily get messy and unattractively straggly when not pruned. Daphne and Mahonia shrubs have beautiful winter flowering varieties, so it all depends on what kind of winter plant you are looking for. Here’s another website about how wonderful winter gardens can be:


Choose well.

Whatever you choose in your quest for winter colour and attraction, remember to make sure you are buying the right variety for winter colour and features, and remember, all winter plants have to be hardy and tolerant of cold, wet conditions, low sunlight and frost or snow and still look good. If in any doubt, consult the expert grounds maintenance team as previously mentioned.

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